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Latest ECR Article: September 21, 2014

Inspirational Quotes for the Entrepreneur

“Many people think they can multi-task, and women do it better than men. However, no one can do it well. Focusing on one task is essential for success.”   — Kip Marlow “Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.”    — Brian Tracy “If you chase two rabbits, both... Read More

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Top 100 Small Business Influencer Award 2013

Top 100 Small Business Influencer Award 2013

Kip Marlow has been named a Top 100 Champion in the 2013 Small Business Influencer Awards. The awards honor those who are influential to small businesses in North America through products, services, knowledge, information or support they provide to the small business market... Read More


The Entrepreneurs: Sucess and Sacrifice--Book by Kip Marlow

The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice is author Kip Marlow’s inspiring new book that gathers the success stories of small business owners who have transformed small businesses into highly lucrative enterprises through vision, persistence, and plenty of sweat. Available in paperback, digital download, and now in audio format (CD) as well!

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